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Lawn Maintenance - How we do it 

When we come to your property we are going to be completely thorough in our service.

Lawn Care service includes the following:  

1.  Mowing with a professional grade lightweight mower that won’t

     tear up your yard  

2.  Line trimming all the areas on the property including fences,

     around posts, trees, and curbs  

3.  Edging the sidewalks, driveways, and curbs with a metal blade


4.  Cleaning up all grass clippings on the property.

The price you pay is determined by the sqare footage of the turf on the property.  We don’t upcharge if you live in a fancy neighborhood; the price is the price, and it’s fair across the board.

Some other things to note during service:  

If we are servicing your property and notice an empty trash can needs to be brought back up to the house from the road then we are going to do it.  We pick up kids toys before we mow and place them on the porch.  We refill your dogs water bowl if we notice it getting low.  These are the extras that set us apart, and it’s just normal day to day activities for us.

Additional Maintenance services

Core Aeration

Proper aeration is vital to any lawn’s longevity.  The process involves perforating the soil with small, tubular holes, allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots of the grass.  This stimulates the growth of new, deeper roots and breaks up the existing soil. 


Overseeding means planting grass directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or soil.  This is typically used to clean up dry patches of grass, improve your lawn’s color, and improve the density of your lawn.  It gives the turf a fuller, richer, more vibrant look and feel.  

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